Friday, January 13, 2012

This is a new page from my ceramics sketchbook. It’s a list of words that I am (always, continually) thinking about; words that heavily influence and drive my work; words such as domesticity, protection, nostalgia, memory, yearning, lonesome, evocative, tenuous, history, story, beauty, narrative…..



Thursday, January 12, 2012

Updates on my ceramics project: I think the idea is shifting toward a sort of homage to the lost art of embroidery. It’s a quite beautiful art form that was lost after the machines of the Industrial Revolution in France, and I want to create shrines, memorials, relics, homages…that honor and revisit the art. I’m now thinking of entirely stitched frames and blank middles; conversely, completely sewn middles and plain ceramic frames. I’m going to make a LOT in order to distill the final three down to what I really love, whatever that comes to be.

The images above are taken from my studio space. I got three awesome books from the DAAP library on the history and techniques of embroidery, and I began collecting images of 1800s French frames and sketching out simplified versions of them. I plan on rolling out full-sized frames this weekend! Exciting!